Where to buy a Raspberry Pi

Chapter 2

Where to buy a Raspberry Pi. #

Introduction #

This chapter will list on-line retailers selling Raspi computers. The list of retailers in this article are all Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers. I have not personally made any orders from these companies but they are listed at https://www.raspberrypi.org as being approved by Raspberry Pi. There are many more listed on the Raspberry Pi site listed above for additional countries.

The Pi Hut https://thepihut.com X
CPC https://cpc.farnell.com X
Pimoroni https://shop.pimoroni.com X
RS https://uk.rs-online.com X
PiShop.us PiShop.us X
Newark Element14 https://www.newark.com X
OKDO https://www.okdo.com X X X
Adafruit https://www.adafruit.com X
VILROS https://vilros.com X
Micro Center Computers & Electronics https://www.microcenter.com X
Argon 40 https://www.argon40.com X
Cytron https://www.cytron.io X
Shopee** **https://shopee.ph X
Lazada** **https://www.lazada.com.ph X
PiAustralia https://piaustralia.com.au X
Core-electronics https://core-electronics.com X
Module 143 https://www.modulel43.com X Silverline Electronics https://www.silverlineelectronics.in X Thingbits https://www.thingbits.net X Factoryforward https://www.factoryfirward.com X robu.in https://robu.in X Amazon.com amazon.com X
Switch Science https://www.switch-science.com X
KSY https://raspberry-pi.ksyic.com X

Retailers in US. #

The resellers in the US/Canada selling Raspberry Pi are:

CanaKit located at https://www.canakit.com/. The web site for this company has a number of starter kits, which I recommend as you will get all necessary options available in one package. The also have all 3 of the memory models. Their basic starter kits include a cooling fan, keyboard and mouse. Other kits contain other items to get you started. They also have kits for the Raspberry Pi 3, 3 A| and 3 B| systems as well as the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Their address is: Cana Kit Corp, 2455 Dollarton Highway, Unit 118, North Vancouver, BC V7H 0A2, Canada. (There are NO pickups available at the above address. Their Toll-Free phone number in North America is 1-888-540-KITS.

Chicago Electronics Distributors located at https://chicagodist.com. Their phone number is 312-985-6175. They have educational discounts for students, teachers or professors. They have bare boards and kits at competitive prices.

PiShop.us located at pishop.us does NOT show an address or phone number unless you create an account with them. They do scroll their products so if you see what you like then you could create an account. What they show for their prices are comparable to other sites.

Newark Element 14 web site at https://www.newark.com/search?ost=Raspberry&searchref=searchlookahead&product-range=raspberry-pi-4-model-b has a number of kits and single boards available in the US and a number of other countries around the world. Just click on the US flag in the top right of the screen and it will show you a list of countries where their products are available.

Adafruit at https://www.adafruit.com/product/4295?src=raspberrypi has all of the Raspberry Pi 4 in stock. They also have the Raspberry Pi 3 B and 3 B| models available if you are looking for that model or the Raspberry Pi Zero model if that is your preference. When you click on a model it will show you a description of each model along with a "Add to cart" button to place your order.

**OKDO **at https://www.okdo.com/us/p/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-1g/ is another retailer that has the Raspberry Pi 4, 3 B, 3 B| and Zero available. They also show me a message "Unfortunately we are unable to ship to your location." because I am in the Philippines.

VILROS at https://vilros.com/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b?src=raspberrypi is another retailer with Raspberry Pi computers available. They announce that they limit all orders to "1 per household"

Micro Center Computers & Electronics at https://www.microcenter.com/product/608166/4-model-b---1gb-ddr4?src=raspberrypi is the last retailer listed on the raspberrypi.org site. They are unique in that they have in store pick up available in a select list of cities. They also have a unique pricing schedule that is: 1 @ \$29.99 each, 2-5 @ \$45.00 each and 6+ @ \$55.00 each. This looks like they want to sell only one at a time and these prices are listed for the 1 GB model.

This completes the list of retailers in the USA that are approved by Raspberry Pi. Except for the last one all of the above retailers have the same price, which I think is fixed by Raspberry Pi.

If you visit any of the above retailers you might find that they will have other options that might be better than others, such as free shipping.

Most sites that sell the Raspberry Pi computer list the price is for the board ONLY. One additional option you will need is a power supply. On some of the previous models people used their cell phone charger. The Raspberry Pi model 4 requires more power than is provided by the cell phone charger. This requires a power supply that has either 110 or 220 Volts AC for input and an output of 5.0 Volts DC at 3 amps. This is the equivalent of 15 Watts. Another item that is required is a micro-SD card. The recommended minimum size is 8 gb. Larger sizes are available at additional cost.

Some additional options you might consider. #

But are NOT required:

  1. A HDMI monitor. I am currently using a 19" with my Raspi 4. This is a good size for my use.
  2. A HDMI cable to connect to the above monitor.
  3. A case. (Optional)
  4. A keyboard. This is available at https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-keyboard-and-hub/. Another option it to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse at your local computer store. The reason I recommend the wireless is because if wired versions are used they would require 2 USB ports where the wireless uses only 1 port. The above keyboard also has 3 USB ports built in so it will take only 1 on the computer. (Optional)
  5. A mouse. This is available at https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-mouse/. (Optional)

Some of the on-line sources also have what they call as Starter Kits that will include some of the above items or additional items.

Summary #

This chapter has listed a number of resellers that are approved by Raspberry Pi to sell the Raspberry Pi computer. Other resellers that have not received the approval of Raspberry Pi may also be selling this computer. This could be your local computer store or Amazon.com.

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